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Who we are


- Basler Leprahilfe is a partnership between the churches 

and the business community of the Basel area.

- The association was founded on 22 April 1991, 

in the aftermath of the European Ecumenical Assembly held in Basel in May 1989.

- The association is responsible for the collection and appropriate use

 of funds for combatting leprosy and other diseases and their effects.

- The board of directors all work in an honorary capacity.

The administrative expenses amount to less than 5 % of the earnings.

Honorary member: 

Dr. Johannes Randegger,
former Member of Swiss Parliament 

Founder of the Basler Leprahilfe:
Dr. Kurt Steuber (1929 - † 2014)

The board consists of:


Prof. Dr. Marcel Tanner,

President, Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences,

former Director of Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute


Dr. Rainer Füeg, 

Borisat GmbH, Pratteln



Arielle Cavaliero,

Novartis AG, Basel


Niggi Ullrich,

Evangelical Reformed Church Baselland, Liestal

Dr. Christian Griss,

Roman Catholic Church, Basel

Dr. Peter Steinmann,

Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), Basel

Joseph Thali,

Roman Catholic Church Baselland, Liestal  

Lucie Trevisan,

Gewerbeverband Basel



PWC, Basel



Thomas Aegerter,

UBS Switzerland AG, Head Region Nordschweiz


Dr. Andreas Burckhardt,

former President Baloise Holding AG, Basel

Dr. Ivo Corvini,

President Roman Catholic Church Baselland

Marco Fischer

Beat Hauenstein,

President Arbeitgeberverband Basel


Pfr. Christoph Herrmann,

President Evangelical Reformed Church Baselland


Dr. Eva Herzog,

Member of the Swiss Parliament


Dr. Anton Lauber,

Member of the Government of the Canton of Baselland


Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter, MP

President Basel Chamber of Commerce


Hansjörg Wilde,

President Gewerbeverband BS